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Yuki Ikawa

Yuki was born in Japan in 1987 and began to take piano lessons when he was 6 years old. He has composed music since about 7 years old, although he didn't have clear knowledge about composition at that time. In childhood, because of his interest in the classical music, he had dreamed of studying in Germany or Austria with his original composition note.

After that Yuki got interested in singing and has written many lyrics. When he was a second-year junior high school student, he sent his original song to the audition held by Japanese famous TV program and was selected as the youngest finalist.

Thereafter, the fact that many famous international singers are singing in English led him to wonder whether he should also sing in English to become recognized in the world. But there are a lot of languages other than English. Gradually he got interested in them and since then he has learned many kinds of languages(English, German, French, Russian, Korean and so on). He wants to embody the spirit that he values diversity and we should have the freedom.

In 2008 Yuki registered at Ourstage.com and  he received some achievements, including the channel number 1 at Germany channel. At the same time he was selected as "Finalist", "Runner Up"(3 times), "Honorable Mention", and "Suggested Artist" at the international song and lyric writing competition, Song of the Year. 

In 2009 Yuki began to perform live in Japan and since then he occassionally performed in foreign countries such as Germany and Singapore. Since he moved to New York in 2015, he has been taking vocal and piano lessons in New York, LA and Boston. In February 2017, Yuki did live performance at the oldest music club in New York City. 



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